The studio
Vic"tus\ [Lat]

1. [noun] "living, way of life, nourishment, that which sustains life"

2. [verb] "excel, outlast, succeed"

We are a design boutique from Cluj-Napoca, Romania, set on offering only high-quality design and development. With over 10 years of combined experience in web, print and identity, we mix it all for our clients.

The Looks

Our designs are simple and effective. Elegant, but also fresh and modern, even when the atmosphere of the design is retro. Clarity of information is the top priority but we are careful to wrap it deliciously.

Our Websites

For the last few years our websites have been based on WordPress, and this is not an accident. Started almost a decade ago as a blogging platform, it has developed into a powerful and very flexible CMS, ideal for small and medium-sized web projects.