Our process
Vic"tus\ [Lat]

1. [noun] "living, way of life, nourishment, that which sustains life"

2. [verb] "excel, outlast, succeed"

Brief and research

No matter what size your project is, understanding your goal and your market is vital for achieving success. That is why we start by asking you a lot of questions, some of which will probably seem unimportant at first. We will look over your competition, learn from their strengths and avoid their visual and communication errors. Together with you, we will decide on the best strategy, best platforms and solutions.


Having agreed on a direction we will give shape to our ideas. At his point we are careful to create a visually appealing presentation without getting the content lost in details.


After finishing the layouts and imagery it is time to make it work. Using the previously selected platform or CMS, we will develop the project making sure it works on all modern browsers. We’ll check everything for bugs and make final minor adjustments before finally launching.

The project’s done but this is not goodbye

The web constantly changes and so does your business. For best results your website must keep up with everything. We’ll advise and help you make adjustments whenever necessary.

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